Use Cases

Universal digital identity platform

An open source platform to autonomously create proof of ownership of your digital self and contents and let you and your customers enjoy a convenient identity services (like digital stamping, digital signature and digital watermarking) based on blockchain IDs for most digital contents. We will let you and your customers take control of your digital content and digital self.

A flexible & scalable model of identity that works for everyone

Whether you are an individual, enterprise, business, public administration, or IoT device, ThunderBolt Chain's Universal digital identity platform makes it easy to create, share, and consume unique identity information based on blockchain. With our platform, Exchange of identity information or standardized digital identity transactions/transafers are possible. Our Universal digital identity platform is flexible and scalable enough to support countless distinct commercial and non-commercial use cases based on digital identity.

Interoperable identities

Using our platform, you or your customers can create decentralised identities, that are designed to operate in any virtual environment. Anyone can easily exchange and make use of digital identities created on our platform.

Anti piracy platform

A platform by ThunderBolt Chain that aims to stop piracy from the internet by setting up invisible or barely visible digital watermark upon the contents using our Universal digital identity protocol. When a creators gets their content watermarked using our platform, our scanner would be capable to scan most of the websites or similar contents across the internet in search of the similar watermark and if it finds the similar watermark under any similar content at any place unauthorised by the creator, then we mark that URL as pirated and informs it to the respective creator or else we would instantly strike that content with copyright action or takedown notice (if permitted by the creator with proper authentication).

Instant low fees payments

Transactions done on our payments platform would be instant and with significant low fees, with our payment platform, any merchant or user can accept or pay in crypto assests instantly. Anyone can receive the payment within a second, our payment platform would be as fast as (or more than) current used payment platforms like PayPal, Bitcoin and all.

Decentralised digial media identity management system

Our identity management system comprises of all the processes and technology that are used to identify, authenticate and authorize to access anyone's digital media identity or services or system that are enrolled with our platform. With our platform, one can manage their own digital identity and take full control of it. We would make sure your personal data and digital media identity isn't shared with anyone without your permission/proper authentication. You can have full control of your digital media content identity.

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